About project

BMCHAIN is a unique project developed on industrial blockchain technology. With our platform you can make real profits for your experience and skills as well as thank other users if their content is useful to you.

How it works? You publish an informational post and other users rate it. If your post is useful and users will evaluate it with the help of likes you will receive a local currency – a BMT tokens which can be used by project partners in exchange for real goods or services, as well as to change on the exchange.

Unlike similar platforms, BMCHAIN will offer users a wider range of monetization tools which can be used not only by writing articles or commenting, but also by performing tasks, providing assistance and sharing experiences. Also each user will have the opportunity to create and distribute their own unique token on the basis of the platform, which may be beneficial to use in business and other spheres.

Our system is completely transparent, because all your actions will be written in the blockchain, where they will be impossible to remove. You can always check the activity history of any profile and choose a worthy partner for cooperation.

At the moment anyone can register on the platform and actively participate in the creation of a promising project. The best 'testers' have the opportunity to receive a valuable reward for their contribution to the development as well as bonus BMT tokens to their personal wallet.

We will be happy to answer all your questions and we are always very pleased to see new members in our community. All the latest news and updates of the platform you can see in our social networks https://www.reddit.com/user/BMChain and also you can communicate with developers in real time in our telegram https://t.me/bmchain